KipuInvest Bespoke M&A, Responsible Investment (ESG) and Independent Research


KipuInvest is a consultancy firm that seeks to help companies, their partners, whether they are family groups or not, to build the continuity of their business. With three main pillars, KipuInvest’s executives are ready to assist companies in making business decision and in advising shareholders during transition times. Kipuinvest builds strategies and analyses of assets with a focus on leading clients towards becoming sustainable or to invest in sustainable companies.

What is Kipu?

Quipu, Khipu or simply Kipu are talking "knots". Used by various cultures, they are best known as the way Inca people kept records regarding tax obligations, census, calendar maintenance, and military organizations, among others. The Inca empire is the result of a succession of Andean civilizations, which even after their fall in 1532, conquered by the Spanish soldier, Pizarro and his men, whom the Inca people believed to be sent from the demigods, still continues to tell their story for the preservation of their cities and sacred valleys.


Roberto Nemr

Economist, with a BA from the University of São Paulo specialized in investment analyses at City University, London. He has over 30 years of experience in financial markets as an analyst, fund manager, advisor in addition to having worked in M&A. Nemr worked for Genesis Investment, Itaú Latin America, Wol Partners and Southpointe Capital, amongst others.

Catarina Pedrosa

With over 30 years experience in domestic and international financial markets, in equity research, portfolio management having worked for BES/Haitong, Banif, BBVA and Nomura, amongst others. She is a member of the IDB/CVM Green Finance study group and a Director at the Brazilian Analyst Association. She holds a BS in Mathematics and MBAs with specialization in Finance and in Agribusiness, and also holds CGA and CNPI certifications.

Shoichiro João Mitsui

Graduated as an engineer and specialized in capital markets, investments and corporate finances. He was an analyst and trader of metals for companies located in Switzerland and Israel. He has vast experience in asset allocation and in small and medium company restructuring. In addition to his role at kipuinvest, he is also a partner at a European company for which he develops investment valuation of Brazilian companies.


Luiz Felix Cavallari Fo.

With a BA in management and an MBA, he has over 35 years experience in domestic and international markets, as a credit analyst and in equity research in addition to over 12 years managing Itau´s ESG Fund. He specializes in integrating environmental, social and corporate governance issues in the investment decision in both credit and equity. He worked for financial institutions including Itau Asset Management, Unibanco, Citibank and JP Morgan, amongst others. He holds CGA, CPA20 and CNPI certifications.

Ronaldo Antonio Bordini

Senior Consultant with extensive experience in accounting and as controller, specializes in BR Gaap, US Gaap and IFRS. Ronaldo worked for multinational companies in the United States, Latin America and Brazil. He was the controller for Cambuci SA (Penalty), a company listed at the Brazilian stock market, as controlling manager at Embratel SA – Brazil and as controlling manager for Latin America at Telmex - Mexico in addition to accounting manager for Latin America at AT&T – USA.

Carlos Roberto Scretas

Graduated as an Economist from FEA-USP in 1986. He worked for over 25 years in the financial markets, focusing on capital markets. From 1994 to 2012 was at Schroders Investment Management Brazil – a branch of Schroders PLC, acting as CEO since 2002. Since June 2012 is part of Instituto de Cidadania Empresarial (ICE) - Institute of Corporate Citizenship, participating in projects related to impact investments. Is part of the Executives heading the Investment and Impact Business Alliance, group formed in 2014 aiming at boosting impact investments. He represents Brazil at the GSG, global organization formed by 18 countries whose mission is to catalyze the theme of World Impact Investment. He is a Member of the Advisory Board of Brazilian Angel Investors.

João Nehring

Specializing in Corporate and Integrated Logistics management, having worked in the use of multimodality in the Brazilian transport market, with emphasis on cabotage, rail and road navigation from 1987 to 2015, on the Brazil-Argentina road axis, in the construction and operation of the retro port terminal for export in agro containers in Santos, and developing logistics for the distribution of Asian products in Latin America. Was a manager at Support Cargo SA, Gafor Transporte e GATX Solutions. Today je develops logistics projects for the chemical, food, auto and white line goods sectors in Latin America and the United States, with clients such as Rhodia, Basf, Solvay, Unilever, M&G, Nestle, Ajinomoto, General Motors, Electrolux, Whirlpool and Apple amongst others. He is a naval engineers graduated at POLI/USP with specialization in Quality Process from Perry Johnson and Projects/Contracts from Harvard.

Marcelo Battisti

Over three decades of experience in private commercial banks, international consultancies, and multilateral banks, incl. The World Bank and Itaú BBA. International experience with credit risk and asset management includes deals in Latin America, Europe and Africa. Leading role in the institutional growth of ESG methods globally. First emerging markets representative elected to Chair of the Steering Committee of the Equator Principles Association. Holds a BS in Economics from the Univ. of Brasilia, with two years of graduate studies in the University of Illinois - UIUC.






We are an independent consulting company, committed to serving companies, shareholders and families in strategic transition movements, including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and capital raising. We focus mainly on the consumer and agribusiness segments, including land and property. We help our clients in the various transaction phases, such as structuring and preparation; selection and approach of potential interested parties; and negotiation and deal closure. We have a vast network of contacts, not only in Brazil, but also abroad, mainly in the United States, Europe and the Middle East.


In our view, Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance issues (ESG) impact the value of our investments and, therefore, the process of asset allocation should consider the theme. Our extensive experience in responsible investment analyses allowed us to develop a methodology through which we quantify issues that many market players consider as intangible. Kipuinvest’s Responsible Investment division is dedicated to Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance issues. It has four full time analysts helping companies and fund managers to address the issues. All of these professionals have extensive experience in domestic and international financial markets. The team aims at integrating social environmental issues in the investment decision process.


Kipuinvest is capable of valuing your investments and helping with your investment decisions. Kipuinvest has a team of analysts with large experience in the domestic and international financial markets, able to not only value your company or your investment but also your portfolio, the company in which you intend to invest or assets that you already hold or mean to acquire. We elaborate sector analyses according to your needs. We have a team of analysts dedicated to asset valuation, through discounted cash flow models, multiple and asset comparatives, including replacement costs.


Kipuinvest provides services that improve business productivity, in particular process redesigns, cost reductions using methodology based on activity and time. Kipuinvest also develops projects and drawings aided by 2D and 3D computing, cloud computing and SAP™ solutions used for Production Planning, Quality Management and Industrial Plant Maintenance.